Health stores and online retailers have a seemingly endless amount of weight loss supplements on their shelves. However, not all weight loss supplements are made the same nor should be accepted as the only way to lose weight naturally. Sometimes, a small change on the label can make a huge difference in whether or not a supplement is safe and effective.

total 10 weight loss diet programBut even more important, is noting how a whole food diet plan can help shift your goals towards losing stubborn belly fat fast. Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss plan by Doctor Oz has started 2015 off with a bang and has many dieters excited about the changes they can expect.

This is why you need to do your research when looking at new diet programs and weight loss supplements. Here are some tips to buy safe and effective weight loss supplements that should be used in conjunction with your Total 10 Diet plan:

Cheaper isn’t always better: As a consumer, we’re always looking for ways to save money. However in the world of weight loss supplements, cheaper is not better. In fact, most of the time cheaper is worse. The same goes for getting organic whole foods into your daily diet.

Cheap weight loss supplements are often just that – cheap. Just like cheaply made foods, they’re normally full of inferior quality ingredients, often have very little of the active ingredient, and can be loaded with unnecessary fillers that can be bad for your health. Therefore, don’t think a supplement that is cheap is the best one for you. This is why reviews about Total 10 Weight Loss program are excited that Dr Oz has put together such a well thought out and comprehensive plan to follow.

The label will tell you everything: The ingredients label will tell you the active ingredients in a weight loss supplement. If there are ingredients you are unaware of, search for the supplement online to see if it is safe.

Some companies will put in inferior quality ingredients or use a lower concentration of an active ingredient to save money. This is why you should always look to see how much of the active ingredient is in any weight loss supplement.

In addition, look for fillers that may have been added.  Fillers are often added to make a supplement cheap and do not really have any value to you. Avoid supplements with ingredients like: silicon dioxide, titanium dioxide, starch, stearic acid, or vegetable gum.

When in doubt, read the reviews: As a consumer, the best way to determine whether or not a supplement is safe is to read consumer reviews. Consumer reviews will help you see how other people have felt about a particular supplement.

Make sure to look whether or not many users have experienced side effects, whether or not the supplement was easy to take, and ultimately – whether or not they lose weight with the supplement.

Our Choice – Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan

If you’re look for a proven supplement to be used with your diet program that is safe and effective, then we recommend you consider buying whole food supplements. Total 10 is an all-natural fat burner diet program that contains a potent recipes and ingredients that work in your benefit. All of the promising nutritional supplements that try to deliver incredible weight loss results are usually short lived.

Total 10 has been buzzing since it appeared on Dr. Oz and tens of thousands of people have successfully shed pounds of unwanted fat thanks to the rapid weight loss plan.

Best of all, many online retailers offer vitamin supplements and diet programs can feel good about promoting this. Total 10 Weight Loss Diet is undoubtedly the safest and most effective weight loss plan on the market right now so you might as well take advantage of a free trial to see how powerful it is. Who knows, maybe it’ll be the weight loss crutch you need.

The Hmong have brought with their communities great knowledge into natural healing alternatives that has been passed down from their ancestors and elder generations.

Today when the use of herbal medicine has become more popular than ever, we can look into the Hmong traditions to find practical remedies that can help us alleviate symptoms and deal with pain. When it comes to true healing, using pharmaceutical drugs probably wont give you long lasting relief from pain, since the medical industry focuses on treating the symptoms but not the root of the illness.

In Hmong traditions herbal medicines where parts of plants are medically used to treat health related problems as of the most common ways to manage pain.

Even though in our society the research on herbal remedies is in initial stage, it has been known that a lot of these herbal solutions can provide relief from inflammations and body aches. Some of the most common Herbal Remedies for Pain Relief use by the Hmong and other Asian communities include:

Capsaicin -

Capsaicin is usually derived from hot Chili peppers. In fact, topical capsaicin is an excellent herbal option, which provides relief against inflammation. It works by depleting the substance P; this is a compound, which conveys a sensation from the peripheral nervous system to the central nervous system. Even though it is a good herbal option, the effects of this compound take a few days to occur.

Feverfew –

For many centuries it has been used to treat toothache, stomachache and headache. Today, it is also used in treating rheumatoid arthritis and migraine. Some more studies are required to see how effective it is, but this herb is worth trying since it has no side effects. However, some of the mild side effects are irritation in tongue or lips and canker sore. Pregnant women must avoid using this herbal option.

Ginger -

Ginger is another common and popular herbal remedy, even though some more research is needed to prove its worth. The ginger extracts are good for joint and muscle ache. This is mainly because it contains the phytochemicals that stops inflammation. Ginger is also often combined with Ginseng to help inflammation more effectively. You can also find these 2 impactful ingredients combined in FGXpress Powerstrips which are patches for natural pain relief.

Devil’s claw –

There are some evidences, which proves that this South African herb is good for dealing with lower pain ache and arthritis. This herbal remedy is not recommended for those with gallbladder problems, intestinal or stomach ulcers and pregnant women.


Turmeric is used to relieve heartburn and arthritis as well as to reduce inflammations. It is not very clear how turmeric works to reduce inflammation, but is believed this is because of a chemical called curcumin present in it. Do not believe all of the 'hype' or 'incredible' benefits of other common ingredients. One that comes to mind are FG Xpress Power Strips which has been proven to not be near as effective as all the information presented has been led to believe.

Curcumin has some anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric is safe; however, consuming high doses can result in indigestion.

Along with these, there are some other natural remedies that are commonly use, such as Kava Kava which helps alleviate neuropathic aches and tension headache, ginseng for treating Fibromyalgia, St John’s Wong for treating arthritis, neuropathic ache and sciatica and valerian root for muscle cramps and spasms.

A side of herbal remedies the hmong were aware of the benefits of minerals and vitamins, which is why they opt a plant based diet when possible. Silica based mineral supplements that contain diatomaceous earth are known to strengthen bone health and help with elasticity that is crucial to avoid chronic pains in the body.