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If you have been keen when searching on YouTube, you must have seen an ad about Tai Lopez, a business investor, a mentor, an author, and entrepreneur who has become popular in the last few years, for his training and wealth.

Tai Lope’z Wisdom Recopilation Of The Greatest Minds In History

tai lopez knowledge society reviewAmong Tai’s programs, “67 steps’’ is undoubtedly the most famous. The program is a compilation of videos that show 67 steps on how to one can achieve anything they want in life; be it happiness, wealth, and good health.

The program is cut from the rest, as the program is not anchored in theory, rather these teaching are backed up wisdom from most of the greatest men we have in history. If your curiosity about this program is building up, read through this review to know more about Tai and more about the program and how it can benefit you.

Before Tai rose to fame, he was offering financial services. During his interviews, he narrates how he dropped out of school and later started offering financial planning services. What inspires about him is his journey to success and the major transformations has had in is life. Today, Tai is always traveling to give public talks, mostly sharing his reading habit and the knowledge he has gathered over time, especially from interacting with famous, influential, successful and rich people.

In a bid to share his wisdom, he created the Tai Lopez knowledge society for those people whom he cannot reach out to, he developed “67 steps” to financial freedom, good health, and wealth. When asked why he chose the number 67, he explained it is because scientists say one can form a new habit in 66 days. He then added an extra one about good luck, resulting in 67 steps.

Most of the steps by steps are a combination of what he has learned, combined with what he has learned from other successful people, either by interacting with them or from reading about them is his secret to sucess. The successful people include his mentors who include, Gandhi, Charlie Munger, and Bill Gates, among others.

Tai says he intends to help people live their lives maximally and avoid life frustrations, unhappiness, and numbness that are as a result of a unfulfilling life.

About the 67 Steps Program

Just as the name refers, this is a series of step-by-step teachings on how to achieve the best in life. He explains that each one of us (you and I included) wants a good life, but not al of us shall achieve it. But remember when you are not achieving your life desires; there are others who are achieving more that they could even imagine. Luckily, it is possible and easy for each one of us to achieve the best in life. However, you must be ready for the journey to this freedom and happiness, and you must be equipped on how to achieve your desires. This is exactly what the 67 steps are designed to offer you.

The 67 steps teach you how to develop yourself and be the best. Secondly, how to learn from others past mistakes and how to learn from the greatest men we have in history. He shares his findings about great men such as Plato, Socrates, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Warren Buffer among others. Do not be surprised to find out others are your favorites personalities.

Form New Positive Habits With Tai Lopez’s Program

I know you are thinking hard about the 67 steps. In fact, they are not anything out of this world; some are things you have heard or have been told once or more. The difference is in how Lopez takes you through each step. They are rich, informational and provocative sessions that are aimed at helping you be best and get the best from you. He also spends enough time to show you how you can implement each step in your life and the changes you should expect to experience in your life.

In all honesty, it is hard to put into writing the 67 steps, the guide, and the additional information. But from most online reviews, Tai Lopez 67 Steps program is worth, and these steps are what we know or have been told, but we have never taken enough time to digest what they mean and the impact they can have in our lives.
To list a few, some steps are.
1. Be Worth A Dawn
2. Be Adaptable
3. Be Humble
4. Get A Mentor
5. Ignore the 99%
8. Life Long Learning
11. Build On Strength
15. Be A Social Chameleon
20. Prioritize